Luskwood Creatures

More About Luskwood

Luskwood came to be known as a place where you could go to get away from the constant crowded din of the commercial side of Second Life®. The people were friendly, the setting was serene. You could hang out on one of the wooden decks and talk for hours, or sit alone on the ridge and watch the sun go down.

This setting continues into today: Second Life® has grown and changed a lot since 2003, but Luskwood has stayed pretty much the same. Though it is known (mainly through coincidence of the avatars we wear and create) as a "furry area," make no mistake: absolutely anyone is welcome here, and encouraged to come by and explore. The Perry section of Luskwood is set to open build, so you can work on creating items or modifying your avatar while enjoying conversation.

Getting back to the Lusk Estates...