Luskwood Creatures
Luskwood Administrative Staff:

eltee Statosky

In the real world eltee is an accomplished systems engineer. His attention to detail has enabled him to diagnose multiple bugs and issues in Second Life®, helping the developers considerably. eltee handles financial matters, Second Life® land management, and avatar replacement issues for us here at Luskwood Creatures.

Michi Lumin

Michi is a very meticulous person who has an extensive background in digital signals and encoding, with previous tenures at companies such as Sonic Foundry, ABC News, Sony, Sprint and Qwest. Michi currently works on radio and signal proccessing for the military, holds dozens of FCC licenses, is a certified radar operator, and pilots Cessna 172s. In Luskwood Creatures, she primarily assists with Second Life® related items such as land management, publicity, avatar customer support and community outreach and governance matters. Michi speaks at many community related events throughout Second Life® and has been involved in community initiatives there since 2003. Continuing to be an activist for the Second Life® community, Michi tries to ensure continued advancement both inside and outside of Luskwood. Her hobbies include lasers and high voltage.

Liam Roark

Liam is currently pursuing his MD degree, and while in medical school, is working for Luskwood Creatures in a limited capacity for now, splitting focus between Second Life® avatars and costume design. Haas has too many hats, an unhealthy obsession with cold-war telephone infrastructure,and a future consumed by ever-growing student debt.

Arito Cotton

Having designed some of the original Luskwood avatars and costumes, Arito now helps out with logos, website stuff, coding, databases and promotional materials. You can read more about Arito on WikiFur.

Design Staff:

Codex Rau

Codex is skilled in costume building as well as avatar design. Joining the team in 2008, Codex has contribued numerous avatar design features to our lineup, and does fursuit building of his own..

Eo Fenstalker

Eo joined the Luskwood team in 2009 as part of our design group, beginning with custom recolors. She has since developed specialty lines of many of our avatars, such as the Tribal Trance and Second Skin lines of avatars. Eo continues to work with us to offer her own designs in addition to esoteric and highly stylized editions of Luskwood's classic avatar lines.

Kitsu Nico

Kitsu joined the Luskwood design group in 2010. Kitsu is a seasoned 2D artist and a long time avatar creation veteran in SL® A very quiet and soft-spoken person, Kitsu brings his advanced 3D modelling and 2D texturing work to the avatar lineup.

Pomke Nokhan

Pomke is a scripting expert with design sense, who works on our external infrastructure as well as designing various accessories for many of the avatar lines. Pomke joined us in 2009 and works on various web tie-in projects with Luskwood as well as doing clothing design for Luskwood.

Satch Flan

With deep experience in illustration and animation, and a tenure at Disney and DreamWorks, Satch comes to us in 2011 to bring his design talents and his line of avatars to the Luskwood lineup.

Core Administrative and Technical Staff (In No Particular Order):

Tengu Yamabushi

Security, Event Ops, Ban Handling, AM hour administration.

Hagalaz Nilsson

Security and Social Administration

Dale Glass

Open source initiatives, Security Development, Client Development, Russian and Spanish liaison.

AnneDroid Lily

Administration, 80s punk+sci-fi reference source, Classy dress, Objectivism.

Ardy Lay

Linden Lab technical issues, Sim management, Technical operations expert.

Fury Rosewood

Linden Lab technical issues, Operations, Viewer R&D.

Clinton Oddfellow

Event management, Services management, Administration, General operations.

Zidan Foxdale

He's a Russian RADAR technician. Need I say more? - Also, technical, script and logistical assistance, and platform moderation.

Dougal Jacobs

Technical liaison, Administration, Security.

Chippingham Millions

Phat beat dropping, Security, Business.

Beatfox Xevious

Avatar design (on hiatus), Holiday Events, Administration, 2D design.

Buteo Peregrine

Administration and technical.

Shinmai Akebono

SpotOn3D Liaison, Avatar Design, Events, 2D design, Administration, General Operations.

Design Associates:

Ameshin Yossarian

Master clothing and accessory designer.