Luskwood Creatures

Follow the tutorial below to create a duct tape dummy for Luskwood Creatures costumes.



Before starting, drink a small bit of water and use the restroom. This will most likely take one or two hours depending on the proficiency of your friends.

With one person helping you, they will need to cut and apply the tape themselves. With two people helping, one can cut tape and the other can apply it. The tape should be cut into approximately foot long strips.

The tape should be applied smoothly but at no time should you feel constricted because it was applied with too much force.

The first thing you'll want to do is tape around the waist a few times, then around the thighs and above the knees. This ensures that the fabric doesn't move around the area that you will be taping.

Stand in a comfortable position with your legs slightly apart.

Now just fill in tape from the waist down to the knees.

Try to have two or three layers of duct tape in all areas and do not leave any gaps in the tape.

Tape around the ankles (as low as possible) and below the knees. Fill from the knees to the ankles with tape.

You should now have tape from the waist down. Tape around the chest under the arms and around the neck. If you want a higher neck on your finished costume, tape higher up the neck (use spare cloth, backwards tape or paper towels to extend the tape). Tape around the stomach. Fill in this entire area with tape.

You should be covered with tape except for your arms now. Tape around the wrists (as far down as possible), around the elbows and around the upper arm.

Rest your arms on the arm height items. They should be almost straight out from your body.

Cover the arms with tape.

For Luskwood Creatures costumes there is no need to tape the head, hands or feet.

Using the marker, make squares that are about an inch by an inch (and about 3 or 4 inches apart) from the underside of the arm near the wrist down the arm to the armpit then down the side of the body to the ankle. Do this on both sides of the body. Finally, use the marker to mark a few squares from the front of the neck halfway down to where the stomach starts.

If you can, mark where you would like the center of the tail with an X in a circle.

The last step in this process is to simply cut a line through the squares, making sure to cut through the disposable clothing but not the second layer of clothing below.

Cut slowly and be careful.

Step out of the duct tape dummy to one side (putting your head inside it via the cut under your neck) and put 3-5 dryer sheets in it. Let it dry out for a day and then carefully fold it until it is fairly small.

Now just write your name and the costume name on it somewhere and ship it to us via USPS Priority Mail (FedEx and UPS will not deliver to P.O. Boxes).

The duct tape dummy will be destroyed in the process of creating your costume.