Luskwood Creatures

Avatar Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for you to make an avatar?
Our avatars spend an average of 1.5 months in development, and contain features like blinking eyes, custom particle scripts and effects, variable expressions, quest-like games, flexible prims, sculpted prims and color-change eyes.

What type of permissions are your avatars sold with?
Every avatar is sold with full modify and copy permissions (no transfer) to allow you unlimited customization.

What happens if I purchase an avatar and never get it?
Can I get a replacement avatar if I lose my original?
What happens if I accidentally destroy my avatar?

We provide replacement in the case of accidental deletion or database loss. Don't worry, just head over to our avatar support page.

Will you modify the avatar for me?
We do provide reasonably priced (and sometimes free!) modification services.