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Luskwood Creatures is a design group who currently offer Second Life® furry/anthro avatars and custom designed mascot costumes and fursuits. Looking for our SecondLife® avatars? Click here for our online store.

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Luskwood's 12th go-round

Posted by Michi Lumin on 10/11/2015

12 years, well, not exactly in space. Luskwood's 12th Anniversary will be Oct. 17, 2015. Current schedule:

1:00p-2:00p Alazarin Mondrian (at the Psychedelic Build)
2:00p-3:00p Keeba Tammas (in the Amphitheatre)
3:00-4:00p INTERMISSION - take a break!
4:00p-5:00p Frogg and Jaycatt (in the Amphitheatre)
5:00p-6:00p Shannon Oherlihy (in the Amphitheatre)
6:00p-8:00p DJ: Chippingham Millions (at the Disco moon)
8:00p-11:00p DJ: Haley Maruti (at the Disco Moon)

(And possible other DJs into the night...)

Join us to celebrate!


Trotsdale's 4th Birthday - Sept. 19

Posted by Michi Lumin on 9/10/2015

When: Saturday Night, September 19 - DC wants you to do the hustle.
Where: Party zone above the TD square.
Starting time: 12PM SLT
End Time: ??? Whenever DC finishes eating the hidden candy
Theme: City Night Life 1970's

DJ Schedule

12PM-2PM: DC the cyBerfoxy (death.berger)
1PM-2PM: Milo (decitrex)
2PM-4PM: ScentualLust
4PM-5PM: Trixie Show
5PM-7PM: Dash (Shurikenangel)
7PM-8PM: Milo (decitrex)
8PM-9PM: Zoie Shales (cera.cyannis)
9PM-11PM: Chippingham Millions
11PM-12AM: Coolman (coolman187)

80s/90s dance.. night! 4/20

Posted by Michi Lumin on 4/13/2015

No, we're not dead, I've just been neglecting to update here! So, for what it's worth, apparently we're having an 80's (and 90's) night on 4/20. That means you can choose between Hi-tops or Keds, Member's Only jackets or a Stussy hat. In Perry, next Monday evening!


Posted by Michi Lumin on 10/20/2014

Metal. \m/. Luskwood's 11th birthday. Turn it up. And stuff. Tentative schedule so far, this will be expanded leading up to the event

...3:30PM - Keeba Tammas
...5:00PM - David Csiszer
...6:00PM - Shannon Oherlihy
...7:00PM - Frogg Marlowe
...8:00PM - Sweet/Cabaleer
...9:00PM - Haley Maruti
...10:00PM - Midnight (In process)

...2:00 PM Saturday Oct. 25 -- Alazarin Mondrian at the Perry psychedelic build


LW11B, Halloween, and the year.

Posted by Michi Lumin on 10/16/2014

I'll have a more detailed update soon, with LW11B being on October 24, and the halloween party on Oct. 31. I know there hasn't been an update here in quite a while - it's been a bit of an off year. A number of reasons, but we're hoping to start new in 2015. Stuff is in the works as we emerge from some RL crunches; life - work - schooling, has kept us from doing as much as we would have liked to this year. But to an extent, everyone needed some downtime, too. Our plans include Jogauni, mesh work, some fursuit stuff and more activities in Luskwood and Trotsdale. So, bear with us - we're not done yet. Updates on the nearing activities to come.

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