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Luskwood Creatures is a design group who currently offer Second Life® furry/anthro avatars and custom designed mascot costumes and fursuits. Looking for our SecondLife® avatars? Click here for our online store.

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What's going on with LW15B?

Posted by Michi Lumin on 6/7/2019

So people have been asking me about this. Our usual LWxB celebration time is around September or October, based on when Eltee first bought some land in SL. This year we were going to be celebrating our 15th, which is a bit of a milestone. For me (michi), job and health issues began to hit around October, (this tends to always happen to me..) - Liam, being in medical school, had some pretty pressing requirements at the time too and couldn't spend much time online. I suggested we postpone to the spring, with the tagline "Better Late than Never". Well, come March or so, we end up with two of our cats, being critically and suddenly ill. Three weeks or so with two cats on feeding tubes, having to tend to them morning and night. It pretty much occupied all of our free time, and.. then, suddenly, in the span of three more weeks, we lost them both. These were cats that had been with us for many years and prior to spring, they were healthy and we had no reason to think we'd lose them.

What's going on with LW15B? (continued)

Posted by Michi Lumin on 6/6/2019

And suddenly, even with our efforts they were gone. The three of us were hit really hard by this, and celebration wasn't something we could muster. So here we are now, just beginning to recover from a very long span of bad. We aren't gone, and as far as I know we have no intention to go away. Sure, we aren't productive like we used to be but I see this more as rolling with the changes than any form of decay. We might even make avatars again someday. I still intend to do LW15B, though it may end up being a LW15.5B or maybe we'll start planning 16. Anyways, sorry for not updating pepole sooner.

Website problems

Posted by Michi Lumin on 4/27/2018

Workiing on it..


LW14B - Oct 21, 2017

Posted by Michi Lumin on 10/17/2017

Luskwood's 14th schedule:

Sat. 10/21:


A vast coverup will begin at 4pm on October 21, Saturday.
Luskwood's 14th year coincides with Trotsdale's 6th.

1600-1700 - Shannon O'Herlihy - (Agent 0014) (in the RetroSkunk Cafe)
1700-1800 - Keeba Tammas - (Subject 49) (in the Amphitheatre)
1800-1900 - Frogg and Jaycatt - (Specimens E30/ E92)(in the Amphitheatre)
1900-???? - Haley Maruti - (RESTRICTED AREA)

TD6B - along with LW14B

Posted by Michi Lumin on 10/16/2017

Along with Luskwood's 14th, it'll be Trotsdale's 6th, with the schedule starting before the events in Luskwood on 10/21:

12:00 - 1:00 pm - Cassandra (DJ)
1:00 - 2:00 pm - DC and/or Daydream (TBD, big fight)
2:00 - 3:00 pm - Crayzee (here!)
3:00 - 4:00 pm - Cera

Details will be updated as they emerge!

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